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I met Sgt. John Peck in the fall of 2010; he has been an inspiration to me ever since. John has rebuilt his body and soul, and his is a compelling story of determination, persistence and service.

Gary Sinese, actor, humanitarian and founder of the Gary Sinese Foundation

Rebuilding Sergeant Peck: How I Put Body and Sould Back Together Again After Afghanistan

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Skyhorse PublishingPublished by Skyhorse Publishing.

Rebuilding Sergeant Peck

How I Put Body and Soul Back Together Again After Afghanistan

Skyhorse Publishing, 2019

Marine Sgt. John Peck survived an IED during the War on Terror that left him with a traumatic brain injury, amnesia, and cost him his marriage. He survived another three years later, one that left him with three and a half limbs missing. He’s one of only two living people to survive the flesh-eating fungus he contracted in recovery at Walter Reed, one that left him as a quadruple amputee. And that’s only the beginning of his story.

What followed was a recovery nothing short of miraculous. With resilience and the help of advocates like actor and philanthropist Gary Sinise, FOX’s Jennifer Griffin, and Bill O’Reilly, John would use a specialized “Action Trackchair” wheelchair and a newly-built SmartHome to get a third lease on life. In 2016, Peck underwent a groundbreaking bilateral arm transplant, receiving two new arms. To date, the surgery has been successful.

Today, Peck is a motivational speaker, a philanthropist for veteran and wounded warrior causes, and is pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a chef with the help of Chef Robert Irvine. From the lessons learned in a difficult childhood and as a homeless teenager, to dealing with depression in recovery, to learning how to chop with another man’s arms, Rebuilding Sergeant Peck is Peck’s account of an honest, visceral, and inspirational story that is truly unique.

Quadruple amputee Marine opens up about the moment that helped him overcome depression

Fox & Friends, May 3, 2019. View article

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