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As someone who has written numerous New York Times best-selling books, I know what it takes to write a story that would appeal to anyone interested in a better and happier life. Mike has accomplished this and more with Keep Chopping Wood. It is a must-read, and I look forward to sharing Mike's exceptional life story with my listeners and readers.

Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and talk radio show host

Keep Chopping Wood: A Pastor's Son Who Had It All, Lost It All, and Then Regained True Wealth

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Keep Chopping Wood

A Pastor's Son Who Had It All, Lost It All, and Then Regained True Wealth

Keep Chopping Wood is an engaging and inspirational book that tells the colorful life story of Lawson H. (Mike) Hardwick, III, one of the most well-known businessmen and philanthropists in Nashville, Tennessee and around the country. He tells his story with passion and heart, from growing up as the son of a pastor, who founded a church in Nashville that grew to roughly 8,000 members during his tenure of over sixty years, to building many successful businesses, surviving depression and creating a corporate culture dedicated to serving others. His compelling story is also filled with life lessons on how to achieve a better and happier life which he shares in a lively and interesting manner. Readers from all walks of life will enjoy and learn from his many experiences and reflections as well as his captivating storytelling.

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