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A career soldier, a champion for Tennessee and a hero to his family, his handshake is his word, his smile infectious, and his humor disarming.

Lee Greenwood, country music superstar, award-winning singer-songwriter, patriot and best-selling author

Presidents, Kings & Convicts

My Journey from the Tennessee Governor’s Residence to the Halls of Congress

From a colorful youth growing up in the governors mansion, to a distinguished military career, and seeing firsthand the politics of world events during the second half of the twentieth century, Presidents, Kings & Convicts tells the story of Congressman Bob Clement's multifaceted life, and it reveals many previously untold stories about famous people.

This memoir narrates the shaping of his life as a moderate Democrat growing up in the south in the 1950s; it shares how Clement had a front-row seat to some of Americas most significant events since World War II; it provides insights on the current crisis situations taking place in the Middle East and around the world; and it addresses the dysfunction and lack of bipartisanship among the nations political leaders, as well as offers solutions for getting the country back on track.

Presidents, Kings & Convicts provides entertaining and captivating behind-the-scenes accounts of some of Clement's most memorable events and the people who shaped them. From personal stories of country music stars and other notable Americans, to the bipartisan meeting with the exiled king of Afghanistan and leaders of the Northern Alliance at the king's home outside Rome, Italy, Clement offers insight into his event-filled life and his storied political journey.

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